Restaurant Menu

Our restaurant features take out and delivery of our signature Angus beef burgers and fries. Chicken wings fried to perfection come in 14 flavors! Tenders, baked beans, slaw, fried corn, onion rings and other contraband are served up hot and delicious for our guests daily. Delivery is available to our local customers, just give us a call and one of our team members will be right over with the best burgers in the city!


Choice of patties: 100% beef, Turkey Burger, Veggie Burger

The Usual Suspect – 100% beef patty with vine ripe tomatoes, leaf lettuce, red onions and 5-0 sauce $6.00 Add Cheese .50

Bacon The Law – Maple glazed bacon, American cheese, vine ripe tomatoes, leaf lettuce, red onions and 5-0 sauce $7.00

Hot Pursuit – Blackened with Jalapenos, Pepperjack Cheese and Fire Aioli $7.00

Book ’em Dano – Teriyaki Sauce, Maple Glazed Bacon & Pineapple $7.00

The Serpico – Sauteed mushrooms, onions, peppers & American cheese $7.00

Blue Meanie – Blue cheese, onion marmalade, vine ripe tomatoes, leaf lettuce, red onions and 5-0 sauce $7.00

Bootlegger – Maple glazed bacon, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, baked beans and slaw $8.00

Good Behavior – Strawberry preserves, goat cheese and maple glazed bacon $8.00


6 – $8.50
10 – $13.00
16 – $18.00
24 – $26.00
48 – $51.00
64 – $66.00
100 – $90.00

Wet Wings:
Extra Hot, Hot, Medium, Mild, BBQ, Teriyaki, Jerk, Lemon Pepper, Sweet Chili Garlic

Dry Rubs:
Ranch, Chili Lime, Cajun, Parmesan Garlic, Old Bay


Chicken Finger Sandwich $6.00

Chicken Finger Basket (Chicken Fingers with one side) $10.00

Chicken Finger Salad (fried or grilled) $10.00


Baked Beans $3.00
Fried Corn $3.00
Slaw $3.00
Onion Rings $5.00
Fries $4.00
Banana Pudding $3.00

Patty Fry Flavors:
Ranch, Chili Lime, Cajun, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper, Parmesan Garlic, Old Bay

Extra Celery, Dips, and Sauces .50


Chicken Finger Basket with Fries $5.00

Burger with Fries $5.00


Wet Your Whistle:
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange & Bottled Water $2.00